The Tahoe Artesian Water™ team is deeply and passionately committed to developing an innovative supply, production, and distribution model that minimizes environmental impact while providing the consumer with an exceptional product.

First, our efforts to minimize CO2 begin at our production facility where the natural pressure of our artesian aquifer gently propels water upwards into our stainless steel storage tank. This process occurs without the use electricity and is carbon neutral and completely sustainable.   Because the aquifer is artesian, we only receive and collect the excess water, allowing the aquifer to remain full and in balance with the environment.

A leading comparable bottle of artesian water requires 250g of CO2 per bottle.  Tahoe Artesian Water™ only requires 6.9g of CO2 per bottle.

Second, we utilize existing local partners to minimize the carbon released during the transportation of our packaging. Currently, 90% of our packaging originates within 120 miles of our facility and our retail availability is within 200  miles.

Finally, we are constantly engaged in seeking innovative ways to reduce the impact of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. Even though our current bottle is 100% recyclable and reusable, we will be phasing those bottles out and phasing in recycled (rPET) bottles following the completion of our minimum viable product (MVP) period.

We look forward to continually developing an exceptional product that reflects our values of innovation and sustainability.