Three Generations of Family Water

High in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains and deep in California’s Lake Tahoe National Forest is the Wells Family’s protected artesian aquifer.

Our family, from children to elders, have always known there was something special about our water. Tahoe skiers and snowboarders who stopped at our family’s lodge outside Truckee would rave about our water’s exceptional taste and fill up their water bottles before continuing on their journey. You see, the Wells Artesian Aquifer rests 6000’ above sea level, high in the Tahoe National Forest where the air is cold, crisp and clean. Each winter, the snow-melt filters through granite rock formations into deep subterranean aquifers where it naturally pressurizes our artesian well.

The concept of artesian water is not new, the term “artesian” originated from the Artois province of Northern France, where in 1126 AD monks drilled into pressurized aquifers so water could reach the surface under its own natural pressure. Since the water wasn’t pumped, the monks only captured the excess water, allowing the aquifer to remain full and provide nourishment to the surrounding environment. Being that the water flowed naturally and wasn’t pumped or leached through dirt, it was one of the purest forms of natural drinking water.†

Years later, having traveled all over the world before returning to the Tahoe region, we began to think of how we could share this water with others, without impacting natural resources.  We observed that California’s Farm-to-Table movement was focused on local, natural, and non-GMO foods, but incredibly, still completely accepting of modified water that filtered out life’s essential minerals.  As Californians, we know the value of water, and the difference between natural and modified.

We asked ourselves, “Why would you buy modified water or purchase water shipped halfway across globe when there is fantastic artesian water in your own backyard?” We wouldn’t.  And, we want to show Northern Californians that they can enjoy premium, great tasting water from a local and sustainable source. To accomplish this, we – like the monks of Northern France – only capture the excess water that reaches the surface through natural pressurization. This allows our aquifer to remain full — in perfect harmony with the environment. We believe our deep granite aquifer rewards our environmentally-conscious behavior by providing water that is so pure, it doesn’t require distillation, chlorination, or reverse osmosis. It has no detectable nitrates and has a low minerality resulting in a soft, light, and perfectly refreshing taste.

As we continue this journey to proudly share this premium water with you, our neighbors, visitors, and travelers, we do so with an appreciation for and clear vision of maintaining California’s unique values. We will minimize our environmental footprint, embrace innovative eco-friendly packaging, and connect with others in an open and welcoming way.

We invite you to join us on this journey by enjoying the amazing water that our family has enjoyed for three generations.

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