A Californian’s Journey

The term “artesian” originated from the Artois province of Northern France, where in 1126 AD monks drilled into pressurized aquifers so water could reach the surface under its own natural pressure.  Since the water wasn’t pumped, the monks only captured the excess water, allowing the aquifer to remain full and provide nourishment to the surrounding environment.  Because the naturally flowing water wasn’t pumped or leached through dirt like spring water, it was the purest form of drinking water, requiring little or no treatment and containing beneficial minerals.

Like the monks of Northern France, Tahoe Artesian Water™ only captures the excess water that reaches the surface through natural pressurization.  This allows our aquifer to remain full — in perfect harmony with the environment.  We believe our deep granite aquifer rewards our environmentally-conscious behavior by providing us with healthy and exceptionally great-tasting water.  Water so pure, it doesn’t require distillation, chlorination, or reverse osmosis.  It is 100% natural.  The natural alkalinity of Tahoe Artesian Water™ has a pH of 8.4+, while maintaining a low metals content, which results in its extremely soft, refreshing taste.

As we begin the journey to deliver this premium natural water to our customers, we do so with an appreciation for and clear vision of maintaining California’s unique values.  We will not take more water than given, we will seek out and embrace innovative, eco-friendly practices for everything from our operations to our packaging, and we will connect with others in an open and welcoming way.

Please join us in sharing exceptional water with the exceptional people in your life.